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PartI 写作 Test 1

星期日, 五月 30th, 2010

前言:6.19就是英语CET4考试了,时间不多了,在blog中记录自己做的题,加强记忆吧!所用书籍就是:新题型大学英语4级考试一本全(2010年6月高分冲刺版) 当当上只要18.80RMB,可节省8元啊,要是买多本书的话还是很合算的,比我在那实体书店买的便宜多了,以后买书的时候要在网上买了。


Test 1

Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Food Contamination.You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below:






Food Contamination

  2008 witnessed the great joy of Olympic Games, but for thousands of babies and their parents, this year was a nightmare. Due to the tainted milk, many babies were suffering from kidney stone, some infants even died. This case, however, is only the latest food safety problem.

  Food contamination will result in not only direct health problems, but also other indirect consequences. Firstly, when a product is discovered to be contaminated, people wil have lingering fears in a large scale. Secondly, take Sanlu scandal for instance, when the scandal was publicized, the company only reaped its bankruptcy. In a sence, food safety problem is harmful to the national economy and could affect social stability.

  In order to counter food safety problems, corporate leaders should not be blind in pursuit of short-term profit through adulteration and other unlawful means. Meanwhile, the government should also perfect its surpervision procedures.